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About us is a Minsk based free educational project powered by a small team of enthusiasts. It provides a platform for users of English as a global language develop cross-cultural communication skills, cooperate, and increase their global visibility. The site serves the needs of three interconnected communities:

ICAN, an English Speaking Club

ICAN, an English Speaking Club,

which is a Minsk based group of English learning enthusiasts, who regularly meet off-line to master English and communication skills and a network of similar groups.

Colorful World Project

Colorful World Project,

which aims at creating an on-line database of culture rich multimedia materials for learning English as a global language.

Network of teachers of English

Network of teachers of English,

who want to go global, offer their courses of English or TEFL methodology, share ideas and learning materials, partner with teachers in other countries for joint educational projects and exchange.

History was first created in 2008 to support Minsk based ICAN Club. Later, the Online Writing Project was added, which was a platform for English learners to practice writing through providing meaningful content. Over the four years of its existence, more than a thousand texts were written, and the most valuable have been transferred to the new version of the site. The old version of the site ceased to exist in June 2015, but some materials appropriate for its current purpose have been transferred to this version.

  • Jul 2015: 3d version of is launched and complemented with Colorful World Project
  • Aug 2012: Facebook Page created
  • Aug 2012: Colorful World Project Conceived and Facebook Group created
  • Apr 2012: GoAnimate Project
  • Feb 2012: Reflective Learning Project
  • Sep 2009: Family English Project Transformed into Young Learners’ ICAN Club
  • Aug 2009: 2nd version of, Launch of On-Line Writing Project
  • Jun 2008: 1st version of
  • Sep 2007: Launch of Family English Project within ICAN Club (Minsk)
  • Jun 2007: Start-up of ICAN Club (Minsk) within the IBA Training Center (currently Institute of IT & Business Administration). The project was backed up by Infopark Association and since then we offer discounts to those members of ICAN, who work in  IT.
  • Dec 2006: First pilot sessions of ICAN Club (Minsk)

Team is powered by a small team, which consists of the Admin, Web-Designer and a small group of volunteers, members of ICAN Club.

Valiantsina Holubeva (Val)

Founder, Owner and Admin of Registered Sole Entrepreneur, Certificate of State Registration #191052058 by Minsk City Executive Committee on August 12, 2008

Valiantsina (Valentina) Holubeva is an experienced teacher of English as Foreign Language (EFL), who has taught different levels from beginners to advanced and also has been actively engaged in international communication through projects, conferences, trainings, trips abroad and translation/interpretation. Valiantsina strongly advocates innovative methods of teaching and learning English, the use of technology and cross-cultural studies. She also believes that good education opens the door to success.

New prices effective February 1, 2016. Please, notice the Membership Card rules change.