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  • Register is a free facility to learn English through culture and culture through English. It is a platform where users can upload materials about their cultures and find materials about other cultures. You can register and use it for free. The content you find here is provided under the Creative Commons license 4.0. International.

It is also a platform for English Speaking Clubs. Those are local communities of learners of English, who get together to practice communication skills in English.

If you do not have any English Speaking Club in your locality, you can ask us for guidance how to organize it.
There five good reasons to use

1. Learn REAL English, as it is used in international communication;
2. Better understand people of other cultures;
3. Share the values of your culture with the global community;
4. Improve your lifestyle my means of learning from other cultures;
5. Find partners globally and discover new global opportunities.

The ultimate purpose of this site is to oppose xenophobic attitudes, reduce cross-cultural ignorance, balance the ongoing process of globalization with preserving every culture, help people of the world realize that our cultural diversity makes our lives more colorful, and create new opportunities for every culture and all of us together to flourish.

Just imagine: you become a part of this important project today!


We provide a platform for you to share learning materials created by you about your culture, and also for you to find learning materials about other cultures.

Our users can also develop writing skills and practice international communication through uploading their essays to our COMMUNITY TALK section.

Another way of using is to share your experiences in your English Speaking Clubs and find partners in other countries to practice international communication in English.

By participating in our projects, especially if you create and upload come content, you can dramatically increase your global visibility.

These services are provided FREE of charge.

You can also find services offered by users of our site, our partners or through advertisements, which may be FEE-CHARGING. only provides space to publish information about such services. We do not control or evaluates them and do not warrant and cannot be made liable for them. If you decide to use third parties services, you should enter into direct contact with the provider of this service and find out the terms and conditions.
If you are just a consumer of information, you can use our materials without registration.
However, if you wish to be a creator and make your creations visible, if you wish to find partners and to promote yourself globally, you should register. You cannot upload  anything or participate in the communication if you are not a registered user.
It’s FREE. Registration with and the use of is totally FREE. Beware that the Site may contain links to other, fee-charging sites. Remember to check the terms of such external services/ products before you consume them.
We created for learners and teachers of English as a global language.
Here you can find materials about different cultures of the world  for all ages and levels of English. This is the ultimate resource to use if you want to learn or teach English through culture and culture through English, get experience in cross-cultural communication, learn to understand people of different cultures.
Well, if you are successful as a creator of culture-rich content, congratulations! Then we need you and you need us.
It’s all about making your content more visible. How much traffic do you have on your site or blog? You can double and triple the number of visits by linking  your facility to this site.
With English becoming a global language, the demand for quality materials about different cultures will keep steadily growing. By joining us today, you will become a pioneer and will get most of the benefits.

It will be easier and more cost-effective to keep this site in top ten, if we all upload really hot stuff, and the best contributors will get most visibility. Everything is fair. The best will get the bigger part of the pie.

Join our free webinars to learn more about these opportunities.
Yes, we do demand that the materials uploaded to were of high quality and useful for teaching and learning English.
But we do not demand beyond the capacity of a regular teacher or learner of English.

You do not need to have a professional camera or apply special visual effects. Just make sure that people can clearly see what you are trying to show, that your texts are well organized and written in clear language. You can use simple language, but make sure you proofread your texts and verify the information you provide.

Start creating content, and your skills will develop. You can take some training and /or join our free webinars, where we explain how to make your content more attractive and effective.
You can find the announcement of such webinars on our homepage in the section EVENTS ONLINE.

Don’t be shy. Start producing and soon you will discover and develop your new talents.

Well, we also have our pages in social network, and they are also popular. The reasons we created this facility are as follows:

1.    If you upload your material to, you can easily share it not in one social network, but in all others by one easy click.
2.    Your material will not go down like it does on your timeline or in a blog. Each material will have its own URL, which you can share with your friends, students, partners and customers.
3.    On this site, your material will attract your target group, not hundreds of odd people, whose likes never convert into anything.

By using the right combination of your activity on social media, on your own web-site/blog and on you can achieve better cost-effective results. Join our free webinars to learn more about these opportunities.