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Practise and Publish

But ICAN Club will continue its encouragement program.

Young Learners will be awarded a Winner Sticker for each post which scores +500 points 
Five Winner Stickers = a prize
Read more here

Adults will be offered a 5 per cent discount to attend a session in ICAN Club for each post + 1500 points.  
Read more here

But do not write for prizes. Prizes are just a game to keep you interested and feel appreciated. 

Writing for publication will dramatically improve your essays and will get you to the next level of real-life communication. Staying in top three longest will be randomly awarded by ICAN Club's prizes.

Five reasons to develop writing skills:

1. Writing is a powerful tool to develop your career.
2. You can voice your opinion and make a change.
3. Writing helps reflect on your life and make the best of it. 
4. We are living in amazing times. Record, document, share!
5. Writing is fun and boosts creativity.




This recommendation, how to come home late in the evening. More    Add to favorites

Naughty boy

    This story is about a little boy, who didn't  obey his parents. More    Add to favorites

The magic forest

This story is about a fairy forest and a woman cold Lily. More    Add to favorites

Christmas night on the beach

If you miss summer, you can read this text and try to imagine that it was your trip. More    Add to favorites

Alpes 2020: Val Thorens and beautiful Montblanc

Have you ever skied or snowboarded? This story is about my family winter hobby. More    Add to favorites

Summer holiday

My favorite moment happen when I went to the seaside. There were I and my friends.I and my friends went to the beach.We swam in the sea every day. We visited to many shops in the city Neseber. The weather was very hot. We went to the aqua park. We went to the disco every evening. Sometimes we played sport game. We had fun. Then I went to the village. There I rode a bike,picked barriers. We walked in the forest and I talked with my parents. I had much free time and I made new friends! More    Add to favorites

Miss Owl and a crown

Miss Owl and a crown More    Add to favorites

My holidays in Prague

Today I tell you about my trip on holidays. We were in Prague, in the castle of Hluboka, in Czech Krumlov, in the Bastei Nature Reserve and in Dresden. Prague is one of the most beautiful city in Europe, there are many historical places since ancient times. There was an excursion of the Upper and Lower city in Prague. The next day we were in the castle of Hluboka and in Czech Krumlov. I like it. On the third day we visited the Bastei Nature Reserve and Dresden. In Dresden we were in beautiful places, some of them have remained since the war. I really enjoyed our trip. I advise everyone to come to these beautiful places. More    Add to favorites

Why I decided to study architecture

People often call architecture «static music». But architecture is more than just art... More    Add to favorites

My puppet Ms. Owl

This is my text about the puppet Ms. Owl and her meeting with tree bears. More    Add to favorites

My school

This is my school. In school i have good friends Our lessons are interesting. There is a stones exhibition in our geography class room. There is a stadium near the school and there are beautiful flower beds around the school. Basketball, sport shooting, karate in the school. Also we can visit additional theotral lessons. I like my school. More    Add to favorites

My family hobby

My family has a hobby, which I really like. My dad, my brother and me construct different models. More    Add to favorites

Treasures of the Earth

Nature can be really surprising and impressive. By nature I mean not only flora and fauna, but also things we usually call inanimate nature... More    Add to favorites



My schoolday

My schoolday is very interesting. I like to learn something new and meet my friends there. More    Add to favorites