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Landing Your Dream Job

Landing Your Dream Job

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!!! Role-Play: Requires preparation!

On November 1, 2016, members of the English speaking club ICAN will talk about how to get a rewarding job, a job that would give us both satisfaction and decent remuneration.

Landing your dream job may be not easy, if you are ambitious and want to work for a high-profile company, where the competition is tough. However, it is much less impossible than you might think it is.

Look at the happy people who are employed by such companies and organisations. Are they really better than you? Maybe, yes. Then ask yourself what is missing from your education, professional and communication skills that prevents you from competing with them. However, you might feel that you are ready for a high-profile job. Then, ask yourself why you have not tried to get it. Why are you still wasting your time doing a low-paid tedious work and not getting due respect and appreciation?

Getting a dream job can be very hard, so you should be sure that you are hunting for the right one. Here are two issues to consider:
1. Is that job really good for you? Does it match your physical abilities, way of thinking and your overall life goals and values?
2. Are you really fit for that job? Have you got appropriate education and training? How about your personal qualities? 

If you feel that you can honestly reply "yes" to all these questions, you can start your dream job hunt.

Step 1. Finding a vacancy in the right company.
Step 2. Upgrading your qualifications to meet the requirements
Step 3. Applying for the vacancy
Step 4. Sitting a job Interview

To better understand how the employment process goes and how to prepare your application pakage, we will run a role-play.

The Role-Play  

Suppose you have been looking through a newspaper and found this job advertisement*.
Step 1. Click on the ad to read the full job description and specifications. It may take a few seconds for the file to open. 

Landing your dream job may be not easy, but possible. This is role-play to learn how to succeed in job hunting.

Career Opportunity

Four full-time positions in a new NASA’s agency. 
An innovative challenging project offers competitive salaries and promotion opportunities to  highly qualified professionals with operational command of English. 
Relocation to Florida will be covered. 

Apply through our web-site: www. nasa/
Call toll free: 757.218.8313

Step 2. Write you application package and bring it to the Club on November 1, 2016.

* This job ad was designed for the role-play. Neither the vacancies, nor the Agency exist.

Please, sign up before midnight on Monday Oct. 31. If you cannot make it to the Club, please, cancel by calling +375 29 2592164. No other ways of cancellations are accepted and failure to cancel before 6 pm on Tuesday will result in 50% charge.  

About Author

Valiantsina (Val) is the founder and leader of ICAN Club, the owner and the admin of this site. She is the person to approach whenever you need help or advice. Val is an experienced teacher of English, who has worked in a variety of contexts and capacities and also as an interpreter/translator for international organizations, such as the World Bank, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, etc. She is an ideal candidate for cross-border creative educational projects.

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