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Discovering Black Cluture by Kate Dorozhkina

Discovering Black Cluture by Kate Dorozhkina

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This is an exceptional session because we will be talking about so-called "Black Culture", the contribution of people of African descent into literature, as a clue to understanding and interpreting their way of thinking, their rich irresistible imagery, their outlook and values. 

Why is this important to us, who live in a pretty mono-cultural country?

First, we need to broaden our horizon, discover the pleasure of diversity and get a more balanced picture of the world;

Second, awareness of these contributions will help us establish contacts with the Blacks, since we will have something in common to talk about;

Third, it's just interesting!

Those, who have ever listened to Kate Dorozhkina, know that her sessions are dynamic, full of vivid examples an humour, and analytical and informative.

You can prepare yourself to comprehend Kate's talk by viewing this TED by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian writer, who speaks about the danger of narrow mindedness:

" I left Nigeria to go to university in the United States. I was 19. My American roommate was shocked by me. She asked where I had learned to speak English so well, and was confused when I said that Nigeria happened to have English as its official language. She asked if she could listen to what she called my "tribal music," and was consequently very disappointed when I produced my tape of Mariah Carey. She assumed that I did not know how to use a stove. What struck me was this: She had felt sorry for me even before she saw me. Her default position toward me, as an African, was a kind of patronizing, well-meaning pity. My roommate had a single story of Africa: a single story of catastrophe. In this single story, there was no possibility of Africans being similar to her in any way, no possibility of feelings more complex than pity, no possibility of a connection as human equals."
Please, sign up now to secure your seat.

PAYMENT: if you prefer to pay in the Club, please, check the prices here and make sure you have the exact amount and do not need change. 
Click here to buy tickets online. It will be a better option.
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Seats are limited. Please, sign up no later than Monday April 17, 2017 midnight by pressing the button under this post or calling +375 29 2592164.

If you cannot make it to the Club, please, cancel by calling +375 29 2592164. No other ways of cancellations are accepted and failure to cancel before 6 pm on Tuesday will result in 50% charge.

About Author

Valiantsina (Val) is the founder and leader of ICAN Club, the owner and the admin of this site. She is the person to approach whenever you need help or advice. Val is an experienced teacher of English, who has worked in a variety of contexts and capacities and also as an interpreter/translator for international organizations, such as the World Bank, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, etc. She is an ideal candidate for cross-border creative educational projects.

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