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Practise and Publish

But ICAN Club will continue its encouragement program.

Young Learners will be awarded a Winner Sticker for each post which scores +500 points 
Five Winner Stickers = a prize
Read more here

Adults will be offered a 5 per cent discount to attend a session in ICAN Club for each post + 1500 points.  
Read more here

But do not write for prizes. Prizes are just a game to keep you interested and feel appreciated. 

Writing for publication will dramatically improve your essays and will get you to the next level of real-life communication. Staying in top three longest will be randomly awarded by ICAN Club's prizes.

Five reasons to develop writing skills:

1. Writing is a powerful tool to develop your career.
2. You can voice your opinion and make a change.
3. Writing helps reflect on your life and make the best of it. 
4. We are living in amazing times. Record, document, share!
5. Writing is fun and boosts creativity.



ICAN CLub....Session about Humour

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Hello, to everybody . It is quite interesting to obtain new knowledge. I am a member of IICAN CLUB and I am very happy. Each session is unique and e we can learn lots of new things. Why I decided to write about humour i n  ICAN? The answer is quite simple. Humour is an important part in our life. Laugh and jokes....funny stories...humorous videos and discussion after it. It is quite interesting to know thst there are lots of types of humour and we can use stylistic devices in humour such as irony and pan, hyperbole and oxymoron etc. It is a job being a humorist. Not everybody can do it and some people don't understand humour at all. I cannot say that I always understsnd humour that's why I attended this season yeasterday and spent three hours in a good company of ICAN CLUB members.
And now.'s closely interconnected with video we watched yesterday in the Club! I study on international courses in Inter n(International house) and in June I am going to pass my international exam FCE. A funny story happened with me yesterday there. I fell down from the chair. I dropped my pencil, wanted to take it and couldn't find it. I took another pencil from my pencil case and dropped it too. I took my pen and...dropped it too. Afr After that I wanted to take it and fell down on the floor from the chair with my book and with all things I had on the desk. It was fun. All students and me with our teacher were laughing.  Can you imagine it?
And now I'd like you to answer the question. ...What is humour in your opinion?  Have you ever had such situation like mine? Whst types of humour do you know? Let's think it over and discuss together. I am a teacher of English and it's quite interesting to know youtr opinion on this topic.  Thanks for attention. I love and respect all of you and Valentina Holubeva is the best!:)
About Author

I am a teacher of English at school and also at University. My hobby is English and writing different articles on conferences and also participate in them! I love children and always try to learn different methods of teaching!I can`t say that I am profy in methodics but on my lessons I try to invent something new according to the age: colourful pictures, colourful words, interactive blackboard etc.

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