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Practise and Publish

But ICAN Club will continue its encouragement program.

Young Learners will be awarded a Winner Sticker for each post which scores +500 points 
Five Winner Stickers = a prize
Read more here

Adults will be offered a 5 per cent discount to attend a session in ICAN Club for each post + 1500 points.  
Read more here

But do not write for prizes. Prizes are just a game to keep you interested and feel appreciated. 

Writing for publication will dramatically improve your essays and will get you to the next level of real-life communication. Staying in top three longest will be randomly awarded by ICAN Club's prizes.

Five reasons to develop writing skills:

1. Writing is a powerful tool to develop your career.
2. You can voice your opinion and make a change.
3. Writing helps reflect on your life and make the best of it. 
4. We are living in amazing times. Record, document, share!
5. Writing is fun and boosts creativity.



Learn  Communication from Cheese

Learn Communication from Cheese

  • By Val
  • Posted Aug 25, 2015
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Is shyness just a feature of a character or a hurdle that prevents us from doing the most? Let me tell you a story that will answer this question.

When clearing the aftermath of ICAN Club's Birthday Party, we discovered this: a bar of chocolate from Kazakhstan and something  peculiar, which looked like nothing else. There were hiding somewhere berween other treats and the flowers.

The staff approched me, pointed to these white sticks and asked, 'What is it?" Since these whites were found among food and we didn't expect any terrorists, we assumed that it was someting eatable. We were standing and looking at each other, waiting for a volunteer or trying to choose a victime to make undergo the food test. Since no one volunteered, and I was in change of the party, and being a responsible person, I decided that it's my duty to be the first to try it. Well, first it tasted exactly like it looks - like chalk (I have never eaten chalk, but I assume it is tasteless). A bit later, when the saliva started dissolving the ingredients, I started feeling cheese. Yes, it was cheese! A very special kind of cheese. Dried cheese. Cheese that can last for years. One can take it when hiking, or even to space. And it tasted good, although very peculiar.

Why am I making a story out of this? I want to ask everyone: if you bring something to a party, please, make it noticable. Announce it. Show it to people! Explain what it is. I am so sorry people missed it and the person, who had brought it failed to get appreciation for the gift.

But let's make one more step further. This also have implications for your lives. Those of you, who are too shy - don't you think you are doing the same. You bring your gift to a party, and keep it for yourself, do not share your witty thughts, your creative ideas, do not show your skills. Remember this chese story and remember to share and become noticed. It's not for you - it's for people around you. They want to know what brilliant person they have met.
Do not think about your shyness - think about people and what you can give them

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About Author

Valiantsina (Val) is the founder and leader of ICAN Club, the owner and the admin of this site. She is the person to approach whenever you need help or advice. Val is an experienced teacher of English, who has worked in a variety of contexts and capacities and also as an interpreter/translator for international organizations, such as the World Bank, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, etc. She is an ideal candidate for cross-border creative educational projects.

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